eh, wot? (miss_watson) wrote in bitchcorerating,
eh, wot?

[miss_watson vs speedxracer]

I know you're not supposed to challenge mods, but this community has no standards- especially for one deemed "the bitchiest community on LJ".

name of challenger miss_watson
name of person you are challenging mytinycorner
reason for challenging them She's not attractive and I would like to take her spot as a mod and revamp this community.

3 pics of you

Hahahaha... have a really old one for kicks:

3 pics of them
Wow... so I can't find any pictures of her. Any communities she mods, she keeps her picture out of the userinfo. I suppose I'll just wait for her to post some as a comment, unless one of the other mods has them on file. She's not linked (aside from text) from our members page, either. Hmm...
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